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Kim Waters Biography

Kim Waters is a distinguished illustrator and singer whose publications include Illuminations from the Bhagavad Gita, Enchanted Tales, The Butter Thief, The Vrindavan Fold-out Temple, and Devi, a fold-out altar. She has been singing devotional songs of the Vaisnava saints for many years, inspired by the mystical teachings and rich cultural heritage of India. To describe the path that led Kim Waters into the public eye as the singer of RASA one has to sift through many stories and historical anecdotes.  

Recalling her first memories, she remembers that "In early childhood I spent summers on a lake in a beautiful forest preserve called Mt. Riga. It was there that my desires to be an artist and folksinger first arose. My first artistic inspiration was my father who always had a canvass in progress; but my mother also encouraged me, teaching me various crafts and singing with us. Both my sister and I enjoyed a very creative upbringing..."

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A recent email:

"Dear Kim;
I always loved the Indian classic, cultural music and their instruments. But Rasa's music and your divine voice have opened another door to spiritual world for me. Listening to your music at any time, clears the dusts of attachments from my heart and brings lights to my path, helps me to leave myself and flew with the melodies of your song, like a small rain drop disappear in the ocean of harmony of universe.

Thanks, Khosrow"