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photos, logos, one sheets, press materials

The material below is provided to support concert promoters and journalists...
Please note: If you have problems opening these files, please consult with a qualified person- do not send us emails in this regard. Thank you.
RASA b&w photo (pdf)
for press, advertising, etc.
RASA 8.5X11 color poster (pdf)
RASA 8.5X11 b&w flyer (pdf)
RASA one sheet (gif)
a graphic-rich description of RASA's music and live concerts
RASA Concert description (pdf)
A compact concert description
RASA press quotes (.doc)
RASA technical rider/large venues (.pdf)
for festivals, concerts with over 250 people, TV
RASA technical rider/small venues (.pdf)
for concerts up to 250 people
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all materials posted on this page is copyright protected. For use only to promote RASA concerts and press articles about RASA. If in doubt, contact RASA before using.
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