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The Music of RASA

RASA'S MUSIC is based on Indian devotional songs from the Vaishnava tradition. Many of India's finest writers have provided songs in praise of God or expressed a yearning to be closer to the Divine- a desire that has inspired many artists, from many cultures, for many years.

Combining these songs with their unique arrangements, RASA has developed a sound that is soulful, respectful of the traditional sources, and very accessible to a western audience. Their music blends meditative, transcendental, and ethereal qualities into an elegant, contemporary style.

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Saffron Blue
RASA's 2007 release.
Featuring guest vocalists Vaiyasaki Das, Bhairavesh Das, Russill Paul, and Saraswati, paired with Kim's soothing vocals, engaging rhythms and rich orchestrations by Hans Christian. Great to dance to and to get energized!
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Temple Of Love
Released in 2006, Temple Of Love is an elegant blend of devotional songs from India, with impeccable arrangements, soulful vocals, and virtuosic playing. Calm and meditative, this CD is a healing session for the heart and nourishment for the soul.
RASA's most calming CD.
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Shelter is RASA's 2003 release. A rich sounding and fully orchestrated collection of vaishnava songs that is 'classic RASA'. Kim's soft and full timbred voice is framed and gently carried by Hans' swirling and pulsating strings and rhythm arrangements. Danceable yet meditative, Shelter's sound is purely transcendental music from India and beyond.
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In Concert
In Concert is RASA's 2002 release. Recorded live in California, this album reflects the deeply soulful sound of RASA's live performances. 74 minutes of RASA's most intimate renditions of Indian devotional bhajans with some extraordinary instrumental improvisations. (applause has been removed to maintain meditative quality of the recording).
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THEIR 2001 ALBUM Union integrates the elegance and passion of contemporary music with the spiritual depth of the Indian devotional tradition. Equally appealing to meditators, spiritual seekers, devotees, and casual music lovers, this album holds the listener's ear and heart in sublime suspense...
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ON THEIR ACCLAIMED 2000 DEBUT ALBUM Devotion, RASA infuses traditional Sanskrit and Bengali songs with new life. Kim Waters' serenely soulful vocals and Hans Christian's intensely expressive instrumental performances create a superb setting for these moving prayers.
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Sound files (mp3)
Jaya Radhe (1:43)
from "Temple Of Love"
Adaram (1:41)
from "Temple Of Love"
Sundara Mor (1:40)
from "Temple Of Love"
Doya Koro (1:47)
from "Temple Of Love"
He Krishna (1:42)
from "Temple Of Love"
Gopinatha (1:38)
from "Devotion"
Gauranga Karuna (1:30)
from "Shelter"
Hari Haraye (1:30)
from "In Concert"
Govindam (1:30)
from "Union"
Sri Guru (1:00)
from "Union"

Temple Of Love

"The album is Ab-so-lute-ly Gor-geous! It's really rare for any artist to improve and deepen as they go, but you are defying the odds. Kim sounds completely confident and relaxed and the vocals have an even more satisfying quality as a result. The production is ingenious in developing the material and the instrumental textures. All in all, it's your best work yet, which is really saying something. I wish you great success with it."
Stephen Hill- radio host,
Hearts Of Space

"This dream music invokes the highest emotions of peace, harmony, and devotion.
Hans’ great sarangi, sitara, and cello arrangements are superb while Kim’s voice comes from another dimension..."

Frank Serafine- composer, producer, Los Angeles

"Top-quality devotional music.
It takes one
to the highest realms."