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rasa (sanskrit):
the 'taste" or essence of any impression;
the aesthetic experience in transcendence;
the emotional fulfillment of the soul;
the essence of Divine Love.

The music of RASA is based on devotional songs from ancient India that have been creatively arranged for traditional Indian and contemporary Western instrumentation. RASA has enjoyed a warm embrace from their listeners for their soothing, spiritual, and sacred sound. Whether experiencing one of RASA's six CDs or a live concert, the musical presentation is always an elegant blend of Kim Waters' heartfelt vocals and Hans Christian's virtuosic playing. RASA has developed a sound that is 21st century traditional- an up-to-date blend of Eastern spirit and Western musicality...

Latest news

- Kim Waters continues work on private commission
Kim's work as a fine artist continues with a private commission to illustrate over 70 images of the Tarot. This multi-year project started a couple of years ago and is projected to continue for at least another year. Kim's very fine work as an artist can be found on her website at www.kimwatersart.net.

- Hans Christian is releasing a new solo CD
All Is Well is the new title of the new CD, recorded on solo cello, with live loops in Chartres, France in July 2011. The CD will be released on October 1st, 2011 and will be available through iTunes, CD Baby, eMusic, and www.allemandemusic.com.

Recent testimony:

"I cannot say enough about the effect the music sounds and instruments has had on my life-
I play the Temple of Love CD when I go to sleep softly just enough to hear the sounds-every two hours I awake and turn the CD back on and fall asleep immediately and this pattern is beginning to cure my insomnia....so, I wish to share with other friends and family to help with their stress levels.
Thus, I am not the usual audience.Thank you again."

Elizabeth K.

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